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Panther DAO and $ZKP

Panther Protocol is (and has been from Day 1) a fully decentralized entity, with all major decisions made by the Panther DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization for protocol governance. This requires a level of technical and organizational maturity that starts with creating the base-layer tools to make Private DeFi a reality.
What is LaunchDAO?
Click here to lean more about Panther's decentralized launch, a first in the blockchain industry.
One of the unique features that will be observed in later stages of the DAO is the inclusion of quadratic voting, a mechanism to infuse systems with fairness by reducing the voting power of whales. A major problem identified throughout the DeFi space is that, when governed by DAOs, voting power tends to get concentrated in the hands of the wealthier users, often founding members and major investors. Quadratic voting and mathematical proofs should help the Panther DAO fairly distribute voting power amongst its token holders.
$ZKP is the governance token for the Panther DAO and a centerpiece in Panther's design. Click below to learn more about this token and its use cases.
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