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About $ZKP

$ZKP is the centerpiece of Panther's vision.
In our efforts to infuse DeFi with default privacy, we attempt for Panther to be used as the de-facto privacy solution for the DeFi. To keep this network functioning as intended, Panther requires an architecture and design that incentivizes the right actions.
To create enticing incentives means aligning the interests and behaviors of all network participants while minimizing destabilizing conduct to the greatest extent possible. Game theory offers a framework to model these intentions and understand how they work within complex real-life settings. Thanks to this, we can create optimal cost structures for using and contributing to Panther’s Multi-Asset Shielded Pools, helping inform governance decisions.

$ZKP, therefore, serves to incentivize:

  • Privately staking $ZKP to earn rewards for adding tokens to Pools and increasing the anonymity set. Panther can act as a price discovery mechanism for privacy, bringing in new users for a positive feedback loop, eventually lowering the cost of privacy.
  • Bootstrapping the growth of the Protocol by encouraging the DAO to buy back $ZKP tokens to create reward programs.
  • Relayers paying fees privately on behalf of users, furthering anonymity, to earn $ZKP.
  • Governance-focused staking to encourage long-term governance participation.

$ZKP can also:

  • Be staked to secure the interchain bridges in an AMM model.
  • Be optionally used by users to pay for services on the platform at a discounted rate, such as:
(i) to pay mint and burn fees associated with zAssets;
(ii) to pay transaction fees for sending zAssets;
(iii) to pay Panther Reveal fees;
(iv) to pay for DEX trades.
  • Be used by the DAO to pay for services provided to the protocol, such as:
(i) to pay incentive fees to privacy stakers and transactors.
(ii) to pay relayer service fees.
(iii) to pay DEX stakers securing vaults.
(iv) to pay DEX liquidity providers (LPs).
(iv) to pay voting stakers.
The Panther DAO can purchase $ZKP from the open market using the fees collected from users receiving discounts. These fees will then be used by the Panther DAO to pay for all the services above.
$ZKP's ERC-20 address in Ethereum is 0x909E34d3f6124C324ac83DccA84b74398a6fa173
$ZKP's ERC-20 address in Polygon is 0x9A06Db14D639796B25A6ceC6A1bf614fd98815EC