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Updates to Panther Miner

On June 15th, 2023, an update to the Panther Miner was introduced.
The new version aims to address a bug in which the in-browser Miner client can’t iterate through batches, fetching them from a graph.
The smart contracts were also updated to limit the mining of semi-empty queues. To limit semi-empty queue mining, this commit introduces a requirement of "maturity" for queues:
  • A partially populated queue must remain pending processing for a number of blocks, which declines linearly with the number of UTXOs in the queue (fully populated queues are processable immediately).
  • The above number of blocks (every block on Mumbai is ~2 sec) that a partially populated queue is disabled for mining, counted from the block when the 1st UTXO was added to the queue, is now computed as follows (rounded down):
N = 100 * (64 - number_of_UTXOs) / 64
Note that “100” above is an adjustable parameter that might be tweaked further.
You can find the updated versions of the following:
Note that:
  • Only ~20 new queues per hour are available for mining. This and other parameters influencing rewards may be tweaked this week as a part of the test program.
  • The new Miner will have significantly higher chances of mining a queue than the previous one.
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