$ZKP Tokenomics

Tokenomics is a critical matter in the crypto universe and means different things for different people. While some see them as the inner workings of crypto-economic systems, with all of the parameters and details that make blockchain-based value chains go round, others are more interested in understanding the supply and demand characteristics of a given crypto asset.
In this section, we'll look at how these factors interact and play out in Panther's $ZKP case. We can start by showcasing some basic, key metrics:
Key metrics for $ZKP, at a glance.

$ZKP Allocations

At the Genesis of our privacy protocol, we are faced with the titanic task of allocating our tokens fairly among our investors, founding team, and the community enthusiasts that will use and govern Panther.
We have decided that the following allocation is what best represents our principles and creates a healthy setup for all network participants:
$ZKP allocations per stakeholder.
The full details of the token allocations are as follows:
  • Public Sale: 5% of the total supply was be sold to the public with two unlocking schedules, depending on the price paid per $ZKP.
  • Private Rounds: 15% of the total supply was sold via pre-Seed, Seed and 3 subsequent Private Sale rounds. Through these private funding rounds, Panther has raised 10 million USD.
  • Foundation: 15% of the total supply has been reserved for the Foundation between General (8%), Reserves/Liquidity (5%), Education (1.75%) and Bug Bounties (0.25%).
  • Protocol Rewards: 45% of the total supply has been reserved by the Panther DAO for Protocol Rewards and Privacy mining incentives.
  • Founders, Team and advisors: 20% of the total supply will be vested to the founders, team and advisors, with a linear unlocking over three years. This allows Panther to continue hiring and retaining the best talent in the industry for years to come.
For the raw technical smart contract data which implements the above, please see section 1.3 of LaunchDAO proposal #3.

Token Release schedule

The chart below showcases the token release schedule by token allocation type during a 144 months period (12 years), highlighting the long-term vision of the project.
Release of $ZKP over 144 months.
The issuance of ZKP tokens will follow a sensible release that keeps the interests of all network participants aligned. Key stakeholders and project stewards are subject to long vesting periods for their tokens, ensuring long-term commitment to the success of the protocol.
Upon Listing, 9.3% of the total supply will be unlocked. By the end of month 36, 62.5% of the tokens will be in circulation. From there onwards, the remaining tokens will vest into the Protocol Rewards and General Foundation allocations.