What is Panther?

A Zero-Knowledge cross-protocol layer unlocking compliant DeFi.

❓ What is Panther?

Panther Protocol proposes a cross-protocol layer using Zero-Knowledge technology to build DeFi solutions that meet customizable regulatory requirements and satisfy users' on-chain data privacy needs.

Panther Protocol's proposal is to provide modular, decentralized architecture that enables Zone Managers to simplify the creation of regulated trading Zones that support seamless, privacy-enhanced access to DeFi and create a cross-chain-supported architecture to serve different use cases.

As per the Roadmap, Panther is testing the Protocol on testnet.

Panther's proposition is unique as each Zone in the Shielded Pool benefits from the privacy set provided by activity across all Zones, irrespective of whether these Zones are allowed to trade with each other.

🛠️ How does Panther work?

Zone Managers will determine the conditions for user entry into their Zone and assign compliance providers to ensure compliance with the conditions they set.

Users will create zAccounts via the Zone manager's dApp instance to access Panther's Shielded Pool. Supported cryptoassets will be deposited and secured in a Vault smart contract, and the equivalent zAsset printed. zAssets are 1:1 collateralized "shielded" versions of the original token to be utilized within the Panther dApp. Following the Multi-chain vision, Shielded Pools will exist on different chains (EVM-compatible in the first version), interconnected by zBridges.

Together with Zones and zAccounts, zAssets will offer privacy-enhanced transfers within a regulatory enabled environment: whether users send, swap, or receive them.

Sophisticated trading mechanisms will be supported, such as internal OTC trades which utilize an atomic swap mechanism called zTrade. Panther users will also be able to interact directly with external DeFi and NFT platforms using DeFi Adaptors.

The following diagram illustrates the flow of assets between Panther and transparent, public blockchain networks:

🤔 Selective disclosures

Since Zero-Knowledge proofs underpin Panther's proposed privacy features, users will be able to disclose their transaction history to anyone at will. Additionally, an MPC-based Data Safe mechanism will store basic details about transactions.

Panther proposes ZK- and non-ZK Reveals. By interacting with a Compliance Provider, users can access Zero-Knowledge attestations of truth for any statement, such as their identity, total balance, transaction history, etc. Panther's proposed reveals are flexible — supporting any protocol requiring trust attestations, and enabling trust schemes in DeFi.

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