Panther dApp

For the current dApp, see the entrypoint. Each stage's entrypoint is deprecated in favor of the next stage.

Testing scope and stages

The following are the different stages of testing that users will undertake.

StageNameFunctionality to test

ZK Batching.

Run a Panther node to batch UTXOs and insert them into the chain, using a browser-based Panther miner client.

User onboarding.

Onboard yourself to the Protocol. Create, register, and activate a zAccount, passing a KYC procedure (email/name only) using a third-party compliance services provider.

PRP rewards

Test PRP reward flow.

Depositing, adding zAssets, and wallet cold-start.

Deposit assets into the Shielded Pool. Test the cold-start functionality by running the dApp from scratch (either on a new device or a new browser) and accessing your transaction history. Use a faucet to access an additional test token.

Intra-MASP transfers and withdrawals.

Send zAssets inside the Pool from one zAccount to another, withdraw zAsstes from MASP to EOA.

"Taxi" and transactions via bundlers.

Use bundlers to interact with the dApp. Check the β€œTaxi” option to push your UTXO into the chain as soon as possible (more time-efficient, less price-efficient).

Stage 6

Fee Management, and zAccount renewal.

Protocol fees. Test the zAccount renewal function (after expiry date). Disclosure function where txn can be verified by a 3rd party

Stage 7

DeFi swaps, Basic disclosures, more supported assets.

Swap zAssets via Uniswap and 1Inch while keeping and tracking your operation history in the dApp.

Stage 8 (Will move to post mainnet beta stage)

zTrade, involuntary disclosures.

Use a privacy-preserving OTC marketplace in-dApp.

As mentioned, specific testing guides for each step will be released along with them.

More information on each stage can be found in the following sub-pages.

What next?

See the testnet dApp current stage

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