Ecosystem roles

These Operator roles are vital to Panther Protocolโ€™s proposition:

Compliance Providers

Compliance Providers are dedicated service providers who ensure that the Zone Manager's KYC/KYT/KYB (know your customer, trade, and business) requirements are met by zAccount holders.

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Oshiya Operators

Within Panther, zMiners run an Oshiya node code that fetches the pending mining queue. Oshiya then computes updates to the Merkle trees needed to append the UTXOs in the queue to the trees, creates a SNARK proof that proves the correctness of the updates, and submits these updates to be written on-chain together with the proof to Panther smart contracts.

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Within Panther, Ecosystem Operators sign transactions and pass them to the queue to be mined by Oshiya Operators. This adds to the privacy set.

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Zone Managers

Within Panther, VASP-licensed operators set up Zones to enable entry into Pantherโ€™s Shielded Pool according to the regulatory requirements they configure.

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