Stage 2

Status: Completed

For the current dApp, see the entrypoint. Note that, each stage's entrypoint is deprecated in favor of the next stage.

At this stage, Users will be testing:

  • Claim PRP voucher

  • View private balance on the Dashboard


Vouchers are a reward mechanism that can be used by the Protocol to incentivize for certain functions that have to be triggered by Users. We refer to them as Admin functions. Those could include but not limited to functions such as

  • Recharging Reward Pool

  • Trigger conversion of token

Note: the onboarding reward voucher issued in this Stage is only for testing purposes.

Note: it can take up to a minute to get the voucher screen updated with the new voucher.

Voucher has a predefined value which can be different depending on the type of performed action (Onboarding = 500 PRP, triggering recharge the reward pool = PRP 100). Voucher is nominated in PRP. To get those PRP, one should claim a voucher which is akin to submitting a transaction β€œburn a voucher and get the corresponding PRP”.

Vouchers are grouped per type of action performed. Stage 2 will have two such groups - (1) Onboarding bonus voucher and (2) Recharge bonus voucher.

Vouchers can be claimed by group only, which means a user gets the total PRP for all vouchers in a given group. When claiming is completed successfully, a user will see an updated balance on his (a) Dashboard β†’ Panther Rewards Points section β†’ Available PRP amount and (b) Rewards page β†’ Redeem PRP screen β†’ Available PRP section.

Testing and providing feedback

As we mentioned, testnet rewards are automated, and as such, the testnet itself will reward users for going through the Rewards process. The goal for the testnet is to debug and enhance the Protocol before mainnet beta’s launch.

Our expectation is that users submit bugs and share ideas to enhance end-to-end functioning, interaction and usage of wallets, UI/UX flows, and let us know about any component that doesn’t look or feel as expected.

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