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A zero-knowledge cross-protocol layer unlocking compliant DeFi.

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❓ What is Panther?

Panther is a cross-protocol layer that uses zero-knowledge technology to build DeFi solutions that meet regulatory requirements and satisfy users' on-chain data privacy needs. The goal of Panther is to allow seamless access to DeFi and create a cross-chain-supported architecture that serves different use cases.

Panther’s zero-knowledge primitives are also generalizable to KYC, selective disclosures between trusted parties, private ID, voting, and data verification services.

According to our Roadmap, the mainnet trading dApp will be released in Q3 2023.

πŸ› οΈ How does Panther work?

Users access Panther by depositing assets into Shielded Pools). Deposited assets are secured in a Vault smart contract, which means they gain access to the equivalent zAssets (1:1 collateralized "shielded" versions of their tokens to be utilized within Panther). zAssets open different possibilities for users, who can send, swap, receive, and pay with them.

Internal OTC trades are utilize an atomic swap mechanism called zTrade. Shielded Pools can exist in different chains (EVM-compatible in the first version), interconnected by zBridges. Panther users can also interact directly with external DeFi and NFT platforms using DeFi Adaptors.

The following diagram illustrates the flow of assets between Panther and transparent, public blockchain networks:

Since Zero-Knowledge proofs enable Panther's privacy features, users can disclose their transaction history to anyone at will. Additionally, an MPC-based Data Safe mechanism stores basic details about transactions. These can only be revealed by the Panther DAO or another holder of the keys (including the user). This means that the user can access this data, for example, upon request by regulators.

Panther features ZK- and non-ZK Reveals. By interacting with a Trust Provider, users can access zero-knowledge attestations of truth for any statement, such as their identity, total balance, transaction history, etc. Panther Reveals are flexible and can be leveraged by any protocol requiring trust attestations, enabling trust schemes in DeFi.

Panther is empowered by its native token. $ZKP can be used to pay for services at a Protocol level, such as Relayer fees, KYC/KYT fees, or simple gas fees for meta transactions with relayers. $ZKP is also the governance token to participate in the Panther DAO. The Panther DAO is a fully decentralized organization that governs the development of the Panther Protocol.

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