Realized vision and use cases

Panther’s decentralized, disruptive approach to data privacy and compliance offers a significant leap forward for several industries. While Panther will primarily deal with token transactions at its mainnet release, the core underlying components of the system offer the ability to extend into many other fields where privacy, auditability, and tracking are critical to providing value.

At mainnet release, some of the use cases for Panther include:

  • Zero-Knowledge (ZK) accounts: Panther users can deposit multiple types of tokens into Panther's Shielded Pools, where they can hold their assets confidentially while retaining the ability to showcase their balance to anyone. Combining ZK proofs with an approach based on ZK disclosures and decentralizing access to compliance, Panther is pioneering privacy-preserving access to DeFi while enabling new compliance mechanisms. Its vision puts users in control of who views their data while creating a path to comply with regulations.

  • Privacy-preserving transactions: Within Shielded Pools, users can transact with each other, conduct trades, and swap assets, while also remaining able to showcase their transaction history at will. This can enable them to create a new crypto economy based on data privacy and compliance.

  • Private staking, vesting, and token distributions: Using Panther's solutions, teams can build products and issue tokens to their users while preserving their privacy.

  • Secure, privacy-preserving DeFi access: Users can privately interact with the most popular DeFi dApps and protocols (such as NFT marketplaces, lending/borrowing markets, or DEXs) directly from Panther by using DeFi Adaptors. This allows them to safeguard their data while still relying on the security and liquidity of the underlying networks on which the most popular protocols are deployed.

  • Earning rewards for enabling privacy in DeFi: By using Panther, every user provides others with privacy, which makes them eligible to receive rewards in Panther's native token, $ZKP.

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