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Oshiya Node Operator Get Started

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Polygon testnet




  • A testnet version of the Oshiya mining service is live

  • Earn rewards for Protocol mining


The testnet Panther Protocol dApp is supported by testnet Oshiya node Operators, known as zMiners. Anyone can run Oshiya to earn rewards as they contribute to the Protocol.


  • Ethereum-compatible EOA (externally-owned account, i.e. wallet)

MetaMask is recommended

  • Spare CPU

Get started

Option A: Docker image

Follow the Get Started instructions in Docker.

Option B: dApp

The interface provides:

  1. The interval field. zMiners may adjust the cycle length by updating this variable.

  2. Private key refers to the EAO to which rewards will be sent. Either enter the Ethereum account address or use the Connect MetaMask button.

  3. RPC endpoint.

During testnet, users may enter any viable Mumbai RPC endpoint available from Chainlist.

  1. Start/Stop mining.

Note that the current session will complete and Oshiya will terminate on Stop.

  1. Mining attempt outcomes.


  • While you may run multiple instances of Oshiya, remember that the computational load will increase, and there is a race condition against other miners

  • The dApp provides a very basic interface for community members interested in earning when the Protocol is released. Be aware that it may eventually become non-viable to zMine via the app should tech-savvy operators make their own optimizations.

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