Zone Manager

Zone Manager overview


  • Vasp-licensed operators may apply to become Zone Managers

  • Zone Managers will:

    • Determine entry requirements for access to a zAccount

    • Set KYT/transactional requirements

    • Allowlist trading Zones and may allowlist users

    • Set transaction limits: daily limits, maximum deposit amounts, withdrawal amounts

    • Are the liaison for regulatory authorities


Zone Managers are responsible for managing Zones, setting rules for who can join their Zone, and what activities these users can engage in.

Zones are logical partitions of liquidity within Shielded Pools, each of which is configured to regulatory requirements by a Zone Manager. Zone Managers can determine what KYC information their Zones require from users, and control the integration of specific compliance vendors into their Zones to fit their specific goals, and set KYT restrictions for the compliance provider to enforce.

Zone Managers set the Zone for users: they determine the types of verifications these users undergo and other factors related to Zones, such as what Zones users may trade with, users’ transaction limits, etc. As such, Zones Managers define what compliance means for their Zone.

This allows the Zone Manager to determine what constitutes KYC, whether that be providing an email address or an in-person yearly verification, and what constitutes KYT.

Regulatory compliance

By determining what compliance rules their Zone adheres to, Zone Managers can allow users from different geographies to enjoy privacy-enhanced trading while adhering to regulators' strictures. Should a regulator wish to make inquiries, they have a VASP-registered entity to work with despite the Protocol being decentralized.

Working together with trusted stakeholders, Zone Managers can:

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