Reimbursement shall be sourced out of the total 450M $ZKP allocated for protocol rewards.

Deployment rewards

As per PIP-9, the following rewards shall be sent:

  • 8000 $ZKP to 0xf0886ac6B2E9A2A75C9537EAF1A3aa8398FB10e8 for deployment of smart contracts and 1st subgraph instance

  • 2000 $ZKP to 0xdfE35156b65e90D3Fbf7E0D438fAb7b564668848 for deployment of the 2nd subgraph instance

Compensation for execution of proposal transactions

The DAO will compensate for the cost of "gas" to any persons who execute the Reality.eth transactions which fulfill this proposal, by sending a number of ZKP tokens with the equivalent market value to the Ethereum address(es) from which the transactions were sent.To clarify, this only applies to the Reality.eth transactions directly associated with this DAO proposal, which are listed at the corresponding page on It does not promise any compensation for normal staking / unstaking transactions, or other interactions with the smart contracts.

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