Community Deployment Rewards:

Users who (1) deploy the v0.5.3 frontend to IPFS and (2) execute blockchain transactions listed in the Annex shall be rewarded as follows:

  1. 2,000 $ZKP shall be rewarded to each of the first 2 deployers of the updated frontend (v0.5.3) to IPFS.

  2. 6,000 $ZKP shall be rewarded to the user(s) who execute the blockchain transactions to deploy and configure smart contracts on the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon network. There are 6 transactions to execute, each one will award a user 1,000 $ZKP reward.

  3. Users who execute the mentioned above blockchain transactions shall be given extra rewards as compensation for the gas costs incurred by these users on the Ethereum Mainnet.

To clarify, this only applies to the Reality.eth transactions directly associated with this DAO proposal, which are described in the Annex and listed at the corresponding page on This does not promise any compensation for normal staking/unstaking transactions, or other interactions with the smart contracts.

To source the rewards described above and similar rewards which may be proposed in the future, 100,000 $ZKP shall be allocated out of the total 450M $ZKP allocated for Protocol rewards.

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