Proposal #14: Governance Framework and DAO Council

This proposal covers a set of processes and methods as a next step forward in Panther’s road towards decentralization. Furthermore, this proposal covers the introduction of the Panther Protocol DAO Council. The purpose of this proposal is to improve the DAO’s Governance Framework and make it more suitable for high level, decentralized, decision making as discussed by the community on Panther’s discussion forum [1] [2].

Finally this proposal executes the Community Deployment Rewards as stated on PIP-13.


This proposal serves the purpose of making the Panther Protocol more decentralized. This will be achieved by:

  • Installing a DAO Council who will review Panther Improvement Proposals (PIPs) and decide if they will be pushed to Snapshot by verifying if the proposal draft is aligned with the mission, vision and values of the Panther DAO. The purpose of the DAO Council is to prevent requests that are out of budget, and those that do not meet the scope and roadmap of Panther as well as spam request proposals moving to Snapshot.

  • Turning an implicit Governance Framework into a transparent set of guidelines and rules, voted in by the Panther DAO.

The identities of the DAO Council nominees are available in the proposal’s description section.


During the last few months, the Panther community has discussed the Panther Protocol Governance Framework in order to define workflows and realize a diagrammatic representation of Panther’s Governance process. Because of these efforts, a set of rules and guidelines are now defined and proposed as can be seen on the Panther Governance Framework flow diagram.


If this proposal passes, the Panther Protocol DAO will have three council members who will be responsible for carrying out the review process within the Governance Framework for PIP submissions and labelling them based on the results of the review process as described in the DAO Governance Process. A majority vote made by the Council Members will decide if a proposal draft is being approved for voting or being rejected because it breaches the DAO Governance Rules and Values.

The following DAO Governance Rules and Values are proposed:

  • Panther's mission is to provide privacy to an innately transparent system. Enabling confidential, trusted transactions and interoperability in Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

  • Panther's purpose is to build and accelerate the development of private scalable blockchain infrastructure for Web3.

  • Panther's vision of the world where people have access to Web3 products and services while preserving their privacy and protecting them from surveillance and maintaining composability with DeFi protocols.

  • Panther does not sacrifice security for innovation.

  • Panther stands for process and decision transparency, where every one of them is openly shared with the community.

The following three community members are proposed as DAO Council members:

  1. Santiago Velez: Co-Founder & Division Lead (R&D) at Block Digital Corporation, VP of R&D at Sindric Solutions, LLC Former Nuclear Engineer, VP of UWUA L590 Engineers Union and Panther Protocol user.

  2. Jillian Godsil: Journalist, Broadcaster, Influencer, CEO, Writer, Former European Parliament Candidate, Law Changer, Panther Protocol user & early contributor.

  3. Debra Farber: Host of The Shifting Privacy Left Podcast, CEO, Principled LLC, and Advisor to the PrivacyTech Rise, Privado, the Institute of Operational Privacy Design, and XRSI.

The DAO Council will be installed for a period of 6 months, after which the community is to nominate a new list of council members. DAO Council members can be re-elected by the community. Furthermore it is proposed that the Panther DAO Council will have an operations contributor who will support the DAO Council review process and streamline the communication process between the Council and the proposal draft initiators.

This proposal does not impact or change the DAO Veto Council as mentioned on the LaunchDAO proposal. The signers of the DAO Multisig as defined on point 8 of the launchDAO proposal remain valid and are not affected or influenced by this proposal and could be put up to vote through another, separate proposal.

Proposed actions

The following actions are proposed:

1. Approve the DAO Governance Process as stated in the Background section of this proposal.

2. Approve the DAO Governance Rules and Values as stated in the Description section of this proposal.

3. Approve Debra Farber, Jillian Godsil, and Santiago Velez to be the members of the Panther DAO Council in accordance with the Governance Flow Diagram as shared in the description section of this proposal.

4. Send the deployment rewards according to the points 1, 2 and 3 of the ‘’Community Deployment Rewards’’ section of PIP-13, namely:

  1. The distribution of 2000 $ZKP towards the following address for deploying the updated front-end (v0.5.3) onto IPFS:0xE1B583De9cB37196031b771686734a31ec365768

  2. The distribution of 6000 $ZKP to the following address who executed the blockchain transactions to deploy and configure the smart contracts on the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon network:0xE1B583De9cB37196031b771686734a31ec365768

  3. The distribution of $155.19 USD in $ZKP tokens @ ZKP=0.02460 USD) as a gas fee compensation for the community member who executed point 4.2.

The $ZKP/USD rate as mentioned at point 3 will be updated on the day that this proposal will be published on Snapshot. The Huobi ZKP/USDT pair shall be used to define the amount of ZKP equivalent to the gas fee compensation. By doing so, it is proposed to implement a coefficient of 1.2 (186.23 USD) in order to compensate for possible overheads and volatility.


Please vote to accept or reject the proposed actions detailed above.

Voting power is calculated by taking a snapshot of the number of $ZKP tokens staked per holder at the block within which the proposal was created.

Full proposal details:

Further description of blockchain transactions and configuration details maybe found in the technical details section of PIP-14 in the Panther DAO GitBook.

The full details of this proposal are visible also in raw Markdown format on IPFS:*g7kjnt*rs_ga*NDU3MzQ1NTA5LjE2ODQ3NzM5NzI.*rs_ga_5RMPXG14TE*MTY4NDg3MjI4NC4zLjEuMTY4NDg3MjI5OS40NS4wLjA.

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