Acceptance criteria

In order for "Zodiac Reality Module" (further referred to as the "Module") to execute a transaction, any corresponding proposal must have passed, as reported by Reality.eth.

The Reality.eth question should conform to this template (the required template ID is defined by the installed Module):


"title": "Did the Snapshot proposal with the id %s in the PantherProtocol.eth space pass the execution of the array of Module transactions that have the hash 0x%s and does it meet the requirements of the document referenced in the daorequirements record at PantherProtocol.eth? The hash is the keccak of the concatenation of the individual EIP-712 hashes of the Module transactions. If this question was asked before the corresponding Snapshot proposal was resolved, it should ALWAYS be resolved to INVALID!",

"lang": "en",

"type": "bool",

"category": "DAO proposal"


Reality.eth should resolve the question to β€œyes” only for proposals that:

  • were initiated as a Snapshot proposal in the PantherProtocol.eth space (at;

  • had a minimum quorum of 4% of the $ZKP token total supply, returned by the $ZKP smart contract deployed on Ethereum network at the address stated by the zkpaddress record at pantherprotocol.eth, having cast votes to approve execution of the transactions;

  • had a voting period of at least 3 days;

  • had no significant service outages or availability issues that could have reasonably restricted $ZKP token holders from casting their votes in the proposal;

  • have a minimum bond on the Reality question of at least 0.5ETH;

  • the module transaction hash in the Reality.eth question is the keccak hash of the concatenation of the individual EIP-712 hashes of the module transactions defined in the Snapshot proposal;

  • the plain description of the transactions, and their intended result, in the proposal is complete and accurate;

  • do not occur during, in, or as a result of any unauthorized or malicious changes to the PantherProtocol.eth Snapshot space;

  • were not filtered from the default view in the PantherProtocol.eth Snapshot space during the voting period.

Reality.eth should resolve the question to β€œinvalid” if:

  • the Reality.eth question meets the above requirements but was created prior to the end of the proposal vote period and/or the Snapshot block for the vote (i.e. the final results of the vote are not yet known).

In all other cases, the Reality.eth question should be resolved to β€œno”.

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