Proposal #2 - Polygon Bridging

This document proposes the initial steps of extending the Panther Protocol, DAO, and ecosystem to the Polygon PoS network:

  1. Launch a ZKP token contract at 0x9A06Db14D639796B25A6ceC6A1bf614fd98815EC on the Polygon PoS mainnet, to operate in parallel alongside the existing ZKP token contract at 0x909e34d3f6124c324ac83dcca84b74398a6fa173 on the Ethereum mainnet.

  2. Request the Polygon team to set up a mapping between these two contracts, so that anyone will be able to use the existing Polygon PoS bridge to move tokens between the two networks in either direction, subject to execution of item 4 below.

  3. Approve the Panther DAO multisig contract (Gnosis Safe) at 0x208Fb9169BBec5915722e0AfF8B0eeEdaBf8a6f0 on the Polygon PoS mainnet, configured in a manner which effectively extends the DAO’s control from the Ethereum mainnet to Polygon (see below for technical details).

  4. Execute a transaction on the Ethereum mainnet via Reality.eth. It will use the Polygon Arbitrary Message Bridge to send a transaction from the Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon PoS to transfer control of the minter role within the new Polygon ZKP token contract to the Polygon bridge.


​This proposal was accepted with 99.92% of the vote on March 4th, 2022.

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