Follow-on proposal

The proposal on the previous page is based on the intention that a follow-on DAO proposal should be made very soon after this proposal is approved and executed, most likely within a matter of days, to finalize the implementation of this Polygon package.

The purpose of this follow-on proposal will be to extend DAO governance and staking (including rewards) to Polygon, so that the utility of $ZKP on Polygon is much the same as it currently is on Ethereum mainnet:

  1. Holders of $ZKP on Polygon will be able to stake on Polygon as part of the existing “traditional” staking program.

  2. Holders of $ZKP who have staked on Polygon will have the ability to participate in Panther Governance proposals, with the same voting powers as those who have staked on the Ethereum mainnet.

  3. Add configuration to the existing Ethereum mainnet staking contracts to allow an alternative option of staking without rewards. This will allow the Panther Foundation to stake without taking rewards from the existing “traditional” staking program.

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