Proposal #8 - New Snapshot Authors and Admins


This proposal covers the introduction of new Snapshot Authors, accounts with the ability to write proposals, onboarding two Panther contributors and six community members.

It introduces two new Admin accounts, community members, to play a role within a two-out-of-three multisig that can change the Snapshot settings for Panther's Snapshot space. Both of these actions will be applied during a timeframe of six months, after which the community is to nominate a new list of Admins and Authors.

This proposal aims to increase Panther’s degree of decentralization. This will be achieved by:

  • Increasing the number of accounts with the ability to publish proposals on the Panther Protocol space on (Authors).

  • Setting up a Gnosis Safe multisig wallet, with 3 signers and a "2-out-of-3" signing policy as the only admin account for the Panther’s space.

  • Adding two new community members additional to the current Admin as signers on the multisig.

The identities of the nominees are available in the proposal’s Description section. If this proposal passes, Panther’s space will have eight new Authors and two new Admins, allowlisted for the next six months. The community will propose a list of nominees every six months and vote on their appointment. Furthermore, the space’s settings will be set so that future changes to its settings will require approval from two of three allowlisted Admins.


Increasing the number of allowlisted addresses, appointing additional Admins, and setting up a multisig for Admin actions increases the community’s presence in the Protocol’s governance and eliminates single points of failure.


If this proposal passes, Panther Protocol’s space on the cloud service will have eight new allowlisted Authors and two new Admins. Changes in settings of the space following the approval of this proposal will require the signature of two of the three allowlisted Admins. The permissions for this set of Authors and Admins are proposed to last for six months, after which we expect the community will propose its own list of nominees and vote on their appointment. This is part of Panther’s decentralized governance process with a focus on community governance. The new addresses allowlisted as Authors will belong to:

  • Victor, (Discord: Black322#9757), Russian Community Ambassador. Address: 0xDC885850D72c3269aa2d2bCB32C70E2080b3ACF1

  • Quentin, (Discord: qqorq#0903), Social Content Ambassador. Address: 0xac9Ff68Ff1F377CD62B63Bcc500025F81EFBCab0

  • Luka, (Discord: Luka de la Team Hermione#0085), French Community Ambassador and Discord Moderator. Address: 0xBaA5A9b673003481972A97eB5593C8D1818843af

  • Akin, (Discord: Akin#6560), Turkish Community Ambassador and Discord Moderator. Address: 0xFd9b55948Abb2C0e2137eCF951EB03117153130D

  • Sam, (Discord: 666Sam999#2082), Telegram and Discord Channel Moderator. Address: 0xF66268c5E9075223E32a364E321c74f4c0264BC8

  • Toxic Entity, (Discord: toxicehc#5599), well-known Community member. Address: 0xE1B583De9cB37196031b771686734a31ec365768

  • Saif, (Discord: Saifonblock#3283), early Panther Product Contributor. Address: 0x56dd80C22A375a53f3d11223fEe10C40A4b32d6F

  • Joris, (Discord: Joris#1585), early Panther Contributor. Address: 0xB86DB7690887207209cC1a0F26E80d46f081B0a9

The new addresses that will be part of the Admin multisig will belong to:

  • Anton (Discord: antonie#1798), well-known Web3 enthusiast and Panther community member. Address: 0xeC88b933a75F961Ce55d7EaF6CDD6CEd103A4AD8

  • Dan P (Discord: DanP#0547), well-known Panther community member, active on Telegram and the Panther forum. Address: 0x3f6Dd0C54c0F86F85c5bB6Cc5a82538f702bF103

Neither Admins nor Authors hold any privilege in Panther’s governance mechanism. PIPs can only be published by the addresses above. Signers of the Admin multisig must maintain the settings in strict accordance with this and future governance proposals.


Please vote to accept or reject the proposed actions detailed above. As per the existing DAO governance structure last updated in PIP-7, as the staking smart contracts are not currently issuing any rewards, you need to hold $ZKP, staked or not, on the Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon to participate in voting. Voting power is calculated by taking a Snapshot of the number of ZKP tokens per holder at the block within which the proposal was created.

Full proposal details

The full details of this proposal are visible in a more human-readable form in raw Markdown format on IPFS.

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