I'm having trouble signing transactions in Mumbai

Itโ€™s possible that, during testing, you might encounter a set of RPC errors derived from the Mumbai testnet network itself. These errors are due to infrastructural challenges and outside Pantherโ€™s control.

If at some point (such as while logging in or trying to switch networks) you encounter an error that prevents you from signing transactions (which might even cause your wallet extension to crash needing a browser or PC restart), please:

  • Visit https://chainlist.org/chain/80001/ to see a list of Mumbai network working nodes.

  • Identify a working node. Note that, since this is a testnet product, privacy is non-essential.

  • Access your walletโ€™s Network settings, and edit the Mumbai network to use the working RPCโ€™s server address.

  • If needed, change the Chain ID to โ€œ80001โ€.

  • Re-start the product flow.

If the problem persists even after trying a new valid RPC, please use the current Stage's form to fill out a bug report.

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