Get started with staking $ZKP
Current version
Polygon mainnet
"Launch App" button on Panther's Home page


  • Panther rewards staking
  • Staking is initiated via a dedicated dApp
  • Sophisticated staking strategies will be supported going forward


Follow the How to stake with v0.5+ or learn more about staking with $ZKP here.

Introduction to staking $ZKP

Panther DAO supports staking, enabling stakers to:
  • Earn rewards
  • Participate in governance
  • Contribute to the protocol's privacy
As of February 2022, staking $ZKP allows stakers to participate in Panther’s Governance.

Staking phases

Staking will be rolled out in three phases:
  • Phase 1: Traditional
  • Phase 2: Experimental
  • Phase 3: Private
The current testnet version supports Phase 1, the traditional staking phase.

Staking entry point

In January 2022, Panther DAO made staking accessible through the "Launch App" button on Panther's Home page to facilitate secure access through a reliable information source.
In time, a list of safe decentralized mirrors to access Panther's dApp will be set up here.

What next?