Testnet dApp

Testing the dApp

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on Amoy (Polygon's test network)


  • A showcase dApp demonstrating what trading in a regulated Zone could look like

  • Text instructions and video How-tos are available


The testnet dApp is open to community testers. To help test, use the entrypoint link above.

Thank you so much for being part of the self-custody data revolution!


Tryout a dApp access to Panther Protocol

TL; didn’t watch

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet.

  2. Change the network to Amoy testnet.

  3. Click on Complete onboarding and complete your dummy KYC.

  4. You will need some test MATIC.

Note that faucets require the wallet to hold MATIC 0.001 to release test MATIC.

  1. Activate your Panther account.

  2. Go to the zAssets tab, and deposit some test tokens.

  3. Go to Withdraw and withdraw some test tokens.

  4. Send test tokens to other Panther zAddresses (make a 2nd account for transfers if needed; this is allowed in the testing phase).

Please note: test tokens have no value; testors have no claim in relation to tokens stored or transmitted on testnet.

Testnet stage announcements

The table below lists each testnet stage, along with a link to its documentation page, the accompanying blog announcement, the function tested, and any additional notes.

StageStatusArticleFunction TestedNotes

Stage 0


Stage 1


User Onboarding

Stage 2


Panther Rewards

Stage 3


Deposit & Basic disclosures

Stage 4


Shielded Pool deposit, transfer, and withdrawal

Stage 5


Bundler/Relayer integrations and gasless transactions

Migrating to Sepolia Change details

Stage 6


Fee management, AMM refilling and subsidy rewards mechanisms

dApp deployment

The intention is for the testnet dApp Stages 0-7 to be deployed on Polygon’s testnet, Amoy.

Panther will provide users with test cases to execute on the test dApp. These are specific to each testing stage and will be communicated via our official channels before the launch of each stage.

Note: As the protocol developer, Panther Ventures Limited is resuming the testnet after re-deployment on Amoy. Panther Protocol Foundation is finalizing the details of the reward mechanism and will ensure that testers are rewarded proportionally to their efforts and we expect all incentives will be distributed via airdrop. This blog will be updated with more specifics in the coming days. Disclaimer For the avoidance of doubt, tZKP, tzZKP, tPRP, test MATIC, and any other tokens mentioned in this announcement or within the product are for testing purposes only and have no economic value, nor can they be exchanged for value. Participation on our incentivized Testnet versions may result in you earning rewards, but such credits are not represented on any blockchain as tokens.

What next?

Learn more about the various testnet stages in the changelog.

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