Panther Accounts

Within Panther, Panther Accounts (sometimes called zAccounts) are akin to bank accounts. All transactions done by a given user are linked to the same Account.
This is a novel mechanism that Panther has developed to support compliance, decentralized identity, and selective disclosures. Using zero-knowledge technology, Panther safeguards users’ on-chain data privacy and ownership.
Panther Accounts are implemented using a particular type of UTXO inside the UTXO’s Merkle Tree. Every Account UTXO contains essential values at a user/account level, such as the Account’s ID, ZKP balance, PRP balance, Zone-ID, etc.
Once they complete the verification process with a multi-compliance vendor, users can create a zero-knowledge Panther Account.
Accounts can prove that a user has passed verification, as well as the type of verification passed, but they do not store any private information about users.
Panther is interested in allowing users to have more than one account for withdrawals and depositing, all of which would be connected to their Account. This would prevent users from creating obvious, observable on-chain links between their public wallets and Accounts.