zTrade (OTC Trading)

zTrade is the world's first zero-knowledge on-chain Over-The-Counter (OTC) marketplace, developed by Panther. It's enabled by the Shielded Pool.

Using the Polygon network (at mainnet release), zTrade brings an innovative approach to OTC trading by connecting makers and takers in a fully privacy-preserving, secure environment. It leverages Shielded Pools and zAssets attributes to achieve the above.

Within zTrade, users can conduct OTC transactions while enjoying unprecedented data privacy. The process begins when a maker deposits digital assets into a Shielded Pool and converts them into zAssets, effectively safeguarding their holdings. Once users initiate a trade, they set the conversion rate at which they are willing to sell their assets. Takers, conversely, can browse the available offers and accept the one that suits their needs, confident that their privacy is being fully maintained.

Unlike traditional OTC marketplaces, zTrade does not require any custodian services, thanks to the self-custody and automated nature of on-chain DeFi transactions. Furthermore, zTrade preserves the confidentiality of users' identities, transaction details, and asset holdings.

Some of the advantages of zTrade over centralized or decentralized swap mechanisms include:

  • Zero slippage on large trades

  • Low fees

  • Instant settlements with data protection

  • Possibly, earning rewards: to be defined by the DAO

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