Proposal #11: v0.5 Front-End code updates and upgrades

This proposal introduces updates and upgrades to the front-end (“UI”) of the Panther Protocol version 0.5, known as ‘’Advanced Staking’’.
A comprehensive list of the introduced changes can be found below in the Annex.


Through PIP-9 and PIP-10, the Panther Protocol version 0.5 was deployed and activated. After the launch of version 0.5, users witnessed minor front-end (UI) related issues. After the launch, contributors to the protocol prepared, tested and published source code of the new front-end version that resolves found issues and optimizes performance.
As discussed by the community on the Panther’s Discourse forum, the community recommends using the v0.5 upgraded front-end instead of the previous one.
In order to have a user-friendly URL pointing to the v0.5 upgraded front-end, and also to safeguard access to the correct link/app, the community requests and makes a recommendation to configure the pantherprotocol.eth ENS domain namespace in such a way that the user-friendly link will point to the v0.5 upgraded front-end (DApp) deployed front-end.

Proposed actions

The following action(s) are proposed:
  1. 1.
    Allocate the unused 2,000 $ZKP out of 4,000 $ZKP previously allocated in accordance with the PIP-9 for front-end deployments, to be used for rewards to a community member who will have build and deploy the v0.5 upgraded front-end on IPFS.
  2. 2.
    Configure the pantherprotocol.eth ENS domain namespace so that the URL will point to the v0.5 upgraded front-end (UI) deployed on IPFS.


Please vote to accept or reject the proposed actions detailed above.
Voting power is calculated by taking a snapshot of the number of $ZKP tokens staked per holder at the block within which the proposal was created.

Annex: Front-end updates

Following changes are introduced by the new front-end (DApp) version: - Optimize UI performance if multiple stakes (40+) are created by a user.
- Correct the broken layout for the AssetsCardRow on mobile.
- Show an error notification card when there is an error refreshing the balance.
- Show APR when the user is disconnected.
- Correct Balance card layout, when the user is disconnected.
- Correct the link on the Staking page/ Staking tab/Privacy Reward Points field tooltip and introduce other text fixes for clarity.
- Update the MATIC balance upon the refresh button push.

Full proposal details

The full details of this proposal are visible in a more human-readable form at:
and also in raw Markdown format on IPFS: