Technical details

Smart contracts

The following smart contracts on the Polygon PoS chain will be used:
  • at 0x9a06db14d639796b25a6cec6a1bf614fd98815ec - ZKPToken
  • at 0x773d49309c4e9fc2e9254e7250f157d99efe2d75 - MaticRewardPool
  • at 0x09220dd0c342ee92c333faa6879984d63b4dff03 - RewardMaster
  • at 0x4cec451f63dbe47d9da2debe2b734e4cb4000eac - Staking
  • at 0xAa943954eB256cc8C170C1bacF538D65D9eb9069 - StakeRewardAdviser

Polygon Staking Rewards vesting pool

vestingPools::addVestingPools([wallet], [poolParams]) will be called on the existing VestingPools contract on the Ethereum Mainnet, where:
  • wallet is the address of the DAO Multisig address on Ethereum (0x505796f5Bc290269D2522cf19135aD7Aa60dfd77).
  • Final poolParams will be:
    isPreMinted: true,
    isAdjustable: true,
    start: 2022-03-06T00:00:00Z,
    vestingDays: 1,
    sAllocation: 2e12, // 2M tokens
    sUnlocked: 2e12, // 2M tokens
    vested: 0

Non-rewarding staking terms on Ethereum mainnet

The following values will be used to add new staking terms to the existing Staking contract at 0xf4d06d72dacdd8393fa4ea72fdcc10049711f899 on the Ethereum mainnet:
  • isEnabled: true
  • isRewarded: false
  • minAmount (before scaling): not applicable (0 ZKP)
  • maxAmount (before scaling): not applicable (0 ZKP)
  • allowedSince: not applicable
  • allowedTill: not applicable
  • lockedTill: not applicable
  • exactLockPeriod: not applicable
  • minLockPeriod: 7 days
These new staking terms are additional, and have no impact on the existing (rewarded) staking terms.
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