Rewards FAQ

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I have a question about staking rewards.

Please see the Staking FAQ.

Have you distributed the LaunchDAO rewards?

Yes, 500,000 ZKP in rewards were distributed on Tuesday 8th March 2022. All LaunchDAO participants (5,346) were sent an equal share of 93.52787 ZKP on Polygon.

Where were the LaunchDAO rewards sent?

The ZKP rewards were sent on Polygon to the KYC'd addresses used to register the LaunchDAO private identity.

Why can't I see my rewards in MetaMask?

Firstly, please make sure you are looking in the right account, e.g. for LaunchDAO rewards, look in the account which was KYC'd for public / private sale, and make sure you are checking on Polygon not the Ethereum mainnet.
Secondly, please see Why can't I see $ZKP in my MetaMask?
If you have checked all that, and still believe something has gone wrong, please email [email protected] and we will investigate.

Why weren't LaunchDAO rewards sent to addresses holding PreZKP?

Due to the way the LaunchDAO protocol works, those PreZKP accounts are necessarily intended to be private and completely unlinked to any other account. However, in order to use those ZKP rewards (e.g. staking or trading), those accounts would need to receive MATIC to pay for gas, which would require linking another account to the rewarded account, thereby creating a high risk that privacy would be compromised.

Why were the LaunchDAO rewards sent on Polygon?

The rewards were sent on Polygon because the cost in gas fees on Ethereum mainnet of doing anything with this amount of ZKP would significantly or entirely outweigh the value of the tokens, rendering the distribution pointless.

Why were there more LaunchDAO participants than PreZKP holders?

This is due to a number of participants who managed to register their private identity, but did not manage to claim PreZKP. In some cases this was due to unexpected issues such as network congestion, hardware wallet incompatibilities, and unreliable or slow blockchain RPC endpoints. It was considered fairest for these participants not to miss out on rewards due to circumstances beyond their control.

I participated in the CoinAmp program. How do I receive my rewards?

CoinAmp $ZKP rewards have been distributed to all winners of our CoinAmp campaign. If there are any issues please email [email protected].

What are Panther Reward Points (PRPs)?

Panther Reward Points (PRPs) are non-transferable points associated with a user's private wallet address. They will —once Panther Core (v1) is live— be redeemable for $zZKP through a one-sided Automated Market Maker. PRPs are distributed as rewards for those that contribute to shielding by adding tokens to MASPs.
PRPs are also distributed as additional rewards for users participating in Advanced Staking, where the algorithms and zero-knowledge circuits to calculate rewards in MASPs have been implemented and thoroughly tested for the first time.

When can I redeem my PRPs from Advanced Staking?

PRPs are redeemable for $zZKP, which is the shielded (zAsset) version of $ZKP. As $zZKP is created by depositing ERC-20 $ZKP into Multi-Asset Shielded Pools, which are part of Panther Core, PRPs will become redeemable once Panther Core and MASPs have been launched.