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$ZKP staking first went live on February 2nd, 2022. Holders of unlocked $ZKP were able to stake their tokens to:
  • Grow their $ZKP stake. The protocol awarded 6.65 million $ZKP (the original planned 5 million $ZKP pool + the extra 33% selected by protocol voters) to stakers during the first three months after the release.
  • Govern the project. Through staking, users acquire the right to vote on governance proposals within the Panther DAO.

The importance of staking

Having tokens hitting the market without any direct use case for them would be detrimental to the health of our project and against our vision to incentivize users to use these tokens. Let us also not forget that $ZKP is a governance token, so its use needs to be directly related to this function.
As the protocol progresses and we develop more functions, staking will also serve to strengthen the protocol's privacy. Since this will only happen at a later phase, let us look at the three projected phases of our Staking Plan: Classic Staking (done), Advanced Staking (on its way), and Private Staking (to be announced).