Phase 2: Advanced Staking

Advanced Staking (previously referred to as Experimental Staking) is the evolution of Panther’s native staking solution, both on Polygon and the Ethereum Mainnet. Through it, users can govern the protocol, earn rewards, and help Panther test the features that will in due time enable privacy through Multi-Asset Shielded Pools (MASPs).
Pending the voting and approval of the Panther DAO, Advanced Staking has been fully tested, undergone audit rounds, and should be deployed in Q3 or early Q4 2022. Advanced Staking is an intermediate step towards Panther’s v1 (or Panther Core), which includes a MASP solution. Advanced Staking aims to start utilizing key technical components of the main protocol incrementally.
Additionally to regular $ZKP staking rewards, Advanced Staking stakers will also receive Panther Reward Points. PRPs are non-transferable points associated with a user's private wallet address. The mechanisms for calculating and generating PRPs will also be used on MASPs in the protocol's v1. When the protocol's v1 is live, users that deposit assets (contributing to MASPs' privacy set), will receive PRPs to be redeemed for $zZKP through a one-sided Automated Market Maker.
At the end of the Advanced Staking period, all the $ZKP rewarded for staking will be moved to and staked on a Multi-Asset Shielded Pool on Polygon, where it will become $zZKP (private $ZKP).
As Advanced Staking is a fundamental piece of Panther's engineering, it sometimes receives the monicker "Panther 0.5".