Phase 3: Private Staking

Private Staking will be the final state of $ZKP staking. By the time Panther transitions to Private Staking capabilities, the technology behind Advanced Staking will have informed the release of Multi-Asset Shielded Pools and Panther will be at its v1 release.
Private Staking is the ultimate goal of $ZKP staking: A system that allows users to get rewarded for staking tokens directly into a Multi-Asset Shielded Pool, enhancing the protocol's privacy along the way. To understand how privacy staking contributes to privacy, check out our piece on Multi-Asset Shielded Pools. All of Panther's staking rewards and incentives, therefore, align with this purpose.
Privacy is central to everything being built in the Panther ecosystem. Thanks to Privacy Staking and zero-knowledge proofs, community members will benefit from aiding the protocol in maintaining economic stability, strengthening the privacy they and others benefit from along the way.
As with most innovations by the Panther team, Privacy Staking is a building block towards a better future, something we can only hope gets replicated by other projects. By creating economies sustained by users’ will to protect each others’ privacy, Panther has the potential of re-shaping the future of economic surveillance, helping blockchain technology stay true to its cypherpunk ethos.