Stage 3

Status: Completed

For the current dApp, see the entrypoint. Note that, each stage's entrypoint is deprecated in favor of the next stage.


Stage 3 and onwards is the beginning of User interaction with the MASP. Even though the previous stages issued rewards (PRP) and conversion of rewards to ZKP was in the MASP, users did not directly interact with the Shielded Pool. This stage forms the basis of some of the key components that will be released in further stages.

Stage 3 provides a brand new User Interface with enhanced images, icons, colors, and space alignment while the overall dApp flow has not changed.

The core functionality includes:

  • Deposit a new asset (test Matic) into the MASP. Asset allowlisting is one of the DAO functions that relies on Protocol users and holders of $ZKP to exclude scam tokens into the MASP. For testing purposes, the team has included testMatic and expects to include a few more tokens in later stages.

  • When it comes to $ZKP, users can now deposit and store $ZKP either as a zAsset ($zZKP) or as zAccount Gas (Gas $zZKP). At the time of deposit, users will have the flexibility to divide their ZKP deposit amount between the two. The Gas $zZKP can be used to pay Protocol fees, relayers, Oshiya, and any external services that enhance Protocol services beyond the core. Important to note here is that this split feature is only for $ZKP.

  • Stage 3 includes the basic disclosure functionality under the History tab. Basic disclosures provide information about different types of transactions performed within Panther along with its transaction hash and the date/time of the transaction.

User Testing Flow

To deposit a regular asset a user should:

  1. Go to the Deposit screen by selecting any of the available options. From the:

    • Within the zAsset menu item, click on the Deposit tab as shown in the screenshot below

    • Within the My Public Asset section in the Dashboard, select the token; this takes the user to the Deposit screen

    • Private zAsset section will also have the option to select and deposit

    • On zAsset Portfolio, click the balance card

NOTE: ZKP has its own dedicated deposit flow, which includes the possibility to split a deposit amount between two zZKP subaccounts - zAsset and Gas (the amount that can be used to pay for relayer or verification services in a privacy-preserving way with no direct interaction with a blockchain).

  1. Select the token to deposit if it is not preselected, or adjust your selection via the token selection modal window.

  2. Enter the amount to deposit.

  3. Click the Deposit button and complete the transaction.

  4. View the corresponding changes in the Dashboard, your Private zAssets section, and the adjusted balance of the deposited asset.

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