Panther DAO

Panther Protocol is a decentralized protocol, governed by the Panther DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization for community-led decision-making. This section covers some of the DAO's procedures and history of the DAO, whereas the complete formal framework can be seen under Governance framework.

History and procedures

Panther utilizes Snapshot for community members to vote on Panther Improvement Proposals (PIPs). PIPs cover various topics, from democratic procedures to code releases.
Once a proposal is published on Snapshot, it can be voted upon by the community. If the vote does not pass, no action is taken, preserving the community's power to decide the platform's direction.
Furthermore, the ongoing process of using Discord and Telegram to brainstorm with the community before issuing proposals changed with the release of Panther’s Discourse forum. Using the Panther forum, Snapshot Authors can refer back to the relevant discussions directly on the proposal itself, thus providing more context for the voters.
Admins and Authors for Panther's Snapshot page are voted on by the community. Authors can publish proposals in Panther Protocol’s space on the cloud service, and Admins can update settings on it. The roster of Authors and Admins is renewed every six months, as has happened via PIP-8 and PIP-15. The latter marked the first time these roles were entirely handed to community members.
PIP-14 formalized an explicit Governance Framework to make it easier for the Panther community to participate in DAO governance.
PIP-14 also introduced the formation of a DAO Council entrusted with reviewing Panther Improvement Proposals (PIPs) from our Discourse forum. By verifying the alignment of proposals with Panther DAO’s mission, vision, and values, the Council can prevent spam requests and proposals that are out of budget or misaligned with Panther's scope and roadmap.