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v0.5 introduced Panther Reward Points as the standard unit for calculating and distributing rewards. PRPs are non-transferable points associated with a user's private wallet address. The mechanisms for calculating and generating PRPs will also be used on MASPs in the protocol's v1. When the protocol's v1 is live, users that deposit assets and conduct transactions within the Pool will receive PRPs for contributing to Panther's privacy set. PRPs will be redeemable for $zZKP through a one-sided Automated Market Maker.
Panther's v0.5 features two types of PRP rewards:
  1. 1.
    Expected PRP Rewards: The first 2000 stakers will be rewarded with 2000 PRPs per stake, as decided by the community through PIP-9. These rewards will not continue growing or change (i.e., they are “flat”). Users can see them on the Balance Card on the Staking page. This type of PRPs is awarded automatically and not forfeitable. Users that qualify for this kind of reward will receive a “stake-proof” NFT allowing them to access their Expected PRP Rewards once v1 is launched.
  2. 2.
    Unrealized Privacy Rewards: These are calculated and accrued based on the Privacy rewards APR, which the community will decide through a Panther Improvement Proposal before v1 is launched. These PRPs will only be awarded when v1 launches and only if a user has kept their $zZKP rewards in the pool until v1. If $zZKP rewards are redeemed via early redemption mechanics, the user will lose all of their accrued PRPs of this kind.
All PRPs will be redeemable for $zZKP via the single-sided AMM at the time of v1’s launch.