Panther Accounts (zAccounts)

In Panther's ecosystem, zAccounts function as private ledgers for users. Each individual's activities are consolidated under a singular ledger. Panther introduces an innovative approach, embracing compliance, decentralized identities, and tailored information sharing. It employs advanced zero-knowledge methods to ensure the confidentiality and control of users' transactional data on the blockchain.
These zAccounts are crafted using a specific type of unspent transaction output (UTXO) within the Merkle Tree structure of UTXOs. Each zAccount UTXO encapsulates critical user-specific details, including the zAccount's unique identifier, balances in ZKP and PRP, Zone-ID, and more.
Users can establish a zero-knowledge zAccount following successful verification by an integrated multi-compliance provider. These accounts can verify the completion and nature of the user's verification without holding any sensitive personal data.
Once they complete the verification process with a multi-compliance vendor, users can create a zero-knowledge Panther Account.
Panther aims to offer flexibility in managing multiple zAccounts for both withdrawals and deposits, maintaining a connection to the user's primary zAccount. This strategy is designed to obscure the direct, traceable connections between users' public wallets and their Panther zAccounts, enhancing privacy.