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v0.5 (Advanced Staking)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Following a decentralized approach, this deployment by the Panther DAO is accessible through the "Launch app" button on Panther's Home page. This is to facilitate secure access through a reliable information source.
Advanced Staking is an intermediate step towards Panther’s v1, available on Polygon and the Ethereum Mainnet. Through it, users can earn rewards and help Panther test the features that will, in due time, enable privacy through Multi-Asset Shielded Pools (MASPs). Because of its importance for the protocol’s development, it is considered Panther’s version 0.5.
Panther’s v0.5 is a progressive step towards developing the core technologies surrounding the Multi-Asset Shielded Pool, particularly the way UTXOs are created, managed, and tracked. Advanced Staking acts as a step to deploy and test the above capabilities by issuing staking rewards as $zZKP directly within the MASP.

The Advanced Staking App

The Advanced Staking application, as it looks after staking tokens.
The Advanced Staking app has two pages, one for Staking and one for managing zAssets. Our top Menu also links to Panther’s snapshot.eth space, where Panther’s governance proposals are voted on. On the right side, the blue “Connect Wallet” button allows the user to permit for the app to see and interact with their MetaMask wallet. This is necessary for the app to suggest transactions in which the wallet interacts with v0.5's smart contracts.
The dApp consists of the following pages:

Staking page

The Staking page is the app’s homepage. It allows the user to:
  • Stake or unstake $ZKP.
  • Check their balances of unstaked $ZKP (available for staking), staked $ZKP, $zZKP rewards, and Expected PRP (Panther Reward Points) balance.
  • See how much unclaimed $zZKP rewards are left for the Advanced Staking program and the current staking APR.
  • See the time remaining until the staking program ends.
If you do not understand Panther Reward Points (PRPs) or the two types of PRPs, visit PRPs.

zAssets page

On the zAssets page, the user can:
  • Check their total balance per zAsset (through Advanced Staking, the only zAsset available will be $zZKP).
  • Inspect their $zZKP, Unrealized Privacy Rewards balance per individual stake, and total.
  • Redeem $zZKP before v1 is launched.
You will find the Balances Card on the left side of the Staking page. This panel shows the user’s available $ZKP, staked $ZKP, zZKP rewards, and Expected PRP Balance. An approximate USD value is provided next to each $ZKP or $zZKP balance.
The panel also displays the user’s MATIC or ETH (depending on their connected network) balance in the top right corner. Ensure you have enough MATIC/ETH to pay the transaction fees required for some steps of the staking, unstaking, and rewards redemption processes.
To refresh the values, click on the refresh icon to the right of “Available ZKP balance,” and a MetaMask signature request will pop up. You will need to accept it, which does not incur gas fees.
Note: Data updating can take time. Please watch the spinning wheel inside the “Available ZKP Balance” field in the top right corner. Data should be updated as soon as the wheel stops, but you might need to refresh the page.
The Balances Card.
Located to the right of the Balance Card, the Stats panel displays the amount of Advanced Staking rewards already distributed, the percentage of the total they represent, and the total rewards offered. It also shows the time left until Advanced Staking closes and its current APR. Note: Staking APR and Privacy rewards APR are two different parameters.
The Stats panel.
Click here for a guide on how to use v0.5.