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Panther Improvement Proposal #13 introduced the community deployment of v0.5.3, an upgrade that features several improvements vital to building v1.
Formalizing this PIP-13 meant that the community decided on the following:
  • Prolonging the "Advanced Staking" program, conserving the original staking APR until Aug 22, 2023.
  • Implementing UI upgrades and minor fixes:
    • Advanced Staking type advanced-v2 got supported.
    • A misleading Error message is no longer displayed when the user cancels a transaction.
    • Account switch updates/resets Staking amount.
    • Security warning added on browser's console opening.
    • Links added to notifications on staking/unstaking transactions.
    • 2nd transaction is no longer generated upon a double tap on Unstake.
    • Rounding is fixed for the staked amount field.
    • Staking input made changeable.
    • 3rd decimal is added to the amount on the Staking button.
    • Decimals added to USD amounts on the zAssets page.
    • The refresh button on the Staking page now updates zZKP and PRP rewards on the Balance Card.
    • Welcome page notification added.
    • PRP rewards after 2000 first stakes now get displayed correctly.
The source code for v0.5.3 can be found here.
Last modified 5mo ago