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Testnet incentives and rewards

Panther’s Testnet incentivization

As mentioned before, the use cases for testing trigger rewards. These are meant to incentivize users to provide feedback.
At the end of Testing, users will be left with $tZKP balances proportional to the number of tests they performed. At this stage, $tZKP will be used to redeem real $ZKP 1:1 on Polygon. The method to do this will be described at the time.

On Test tokens

The Test tokens created to support the testing process will be:
  • tZKP tokens. Test ZKP tokens deployed on Mumbai and Polygon, as two separate tokens. The proportion of tokens in each chain will be determined in time. tZKP tokens have a limited supply, which is equal to the reward pool size (see “Amount” below) to maintain a 1:1 ratio for tZKP-ZKP. All tZKP tokens can be exchanged into $ZKP on the Polygon network at a 1:1 ratio at the end of the testing period and, as such, have value.
  • Additional test tokens (as required for Testing). These tokens will have no monetary value and will be used to test diverse protocol functions.
  • tPRP. Test PRP granted to all users who successfully onboard to Panther. The goal of these tokens is merely to test PRP/ZKP conversion in Stage 2.

Amounts and sources

The total amount of Testnet rewards is proposed to be set at 1.5M $ZKP, with an additional 0.5M $ZKP in reserve to cover additional rewards if needed.
Testnet rewards are proposed to be taken from the Foundation-General pool. The allocation and transfer of funds to a newly created incentivized Testnet pool can be done by the Panther Foundation.

tZKP Distribution

tZKP will be distributed using the following ratios. Note that distributions can be adjusted during the testing period.
  • Welcome bonus – 20%. This will help users receive tZKP in their zAccount. These tokens are used for paying fees and incentivizing users to sign up.
  • Miner Rewards pool - 10%. Rewards set aside for miners who run a node to execute a batch of on-chain transactions. Miners will be rewarded based on their batch size, i.e., the number of UTXOs included in the batch.
  • AMM Rewards pool - 60%. This pool will hold the majority of rewards destined for users performing tests.
  • Third-party service providers - 10%. For third parties acting as relayers and compliance providers.