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Testnet release

Panther's Testnet was released on July 10th, 2023.
Voluntary testers are expected to go through a predefined set of test cases to cover the whole range of product functionalities. Besides trying out v1, testers are expected to report on bugs or potential UI/UX improvements.
Furthermore, the Testnet can be used to test further protocol versions upon the community's request.

Testnet deployment

The Testnet will be deployed first on the Mumbai Testnet and then on the Polygon network. Mumbai, a Polygon Testnet, will only be used to test stages 0-6, while Mainnet Polygon testing will take place starting from the 7th stage. At this stage, a canary deployment will be used to test the protocol in an environment as close to full production as possible.
Test tokens created for testing purposes, including “test” versions of $ZKP, will be deployed to both networks. Testnet ZKP tokens will be exchangeable for Polygon ZKP tokens (see “Incentivization” below).
Panther will provide users with test cases to execute on the Testnet. These are specific to each testing stage and will be communicated via our official channels before the launch of each stage.
Testnet rewards are automatized, and as such, the Testnet itself will reward users for executing on the provided use cases. However, the goal for the Testnet is to debug and enhance the protocol before v1’s launch. As such, our expectation is that users submit bugs and share ideas to enhance the UI/UX based on their practical experience.