zAssets refer to the 1:1 shielded representations of the digital assets deposited into Panther’s Shielded Pools to benefit from the zero-knowledge confidentiality provided by these pools. When users deposit their assets into a Panther Shielded Pool, they essentially convert their regular tokens or assets into zAssets, which are now managed within Panther’s zero-knowledge layer.
By depositing tokens or assets into a Shielded Pool, users are granted zAssets as 1:1 collateral. Thanks to this, they can engage in zero-knowledge transactions and securely store their holdings within the Shielded Pool. They can also withdraw their zAssets back into their original form whenever needed.
zAssets are fully collateralized by the underlying tokens that users deposit through UTXO ownership. The ownership of those zAssets can be transferred through in-pool UTXO transactions, which represent the ability to convert zAssets back into native assets on the Pool’s underlying blockchain network.