Adding $ZKP to your wallet

To see your $ZKP, you might have to manually add $ZKP to your Metamask or blockchain wallet.
Please be aware that you will need to do this once for each account and network. For example, if you have $ZKP in two accounts on the Ethereum mainnet and one on Polygon, you must add the ZKP token to each of these three accounts separately.
There are a few ways to add the token, listed below. They all work for MetaMask, but not all will work with other wallets.

Add via the staking dApp

  • Visit and click "Launch App."
  • Ensure you have the correct account and network selected in MetaMask.
  • Click the three dots (...) in the top right corner.
  • Click "Add ZKP Token."
  • You should see a popup, which you can then confirm to add.

Add to MetaMask

These official MetaMask instructions offer several ways to add the $ZKP token to MetaMask:
You should use one of the following contract addresses, depending on which network your $ZKP is on:
Contract address
Ethereum mainnet
Polygon mainnet