What is Panther Protocol?

The problem Panther solves

Panther has built a generalizable, cross-chain protocol that enables a “privacy toggle” for managing digital asset transactions. Panther allows any market actor, from institutions to retail users, to protect their financial movements from the intrinsic faults of transparent ledgers by leveraging zero-knowledge proofs to rewrite the rules of DeFi.
Panther works by using zero-knowledge proofs, namely zkSNARKS in a multi-chain environment, to create fully collateralized, privacy-enhancing versions of ordinary digital assets.
Unlike typical tokens, Panther’s shielded assets (zAssets) cannot be traced, can be used across different blockchains and distributed applications, and have data trails that can be selectively revealed by their users. Panther, in this way, lets users decide who gets to look at their transaction history.
Panther also offers a compliant solution to what is arguably the biggest challenge facing DeFi: Onboarding institutions, legacy players, and FinTech companies into the new financial paradigm so that the industry can grow by several orders of magnitude.