Panther Pools (Multi-Asset Shielded Pools)

One of the most significant innovations of Multi-Asset Shielded Pools (MASPs) is that they support tokens of many kinds and sources. This boosts user privacy since all sorts of assets, including tokens of different standards can co-exist in the Pool, which is called Diverse Pool Privacy. The Pool then gets large enough to preserve privacy heterogeneity, i.e. have so many transactions happening within it that it becomes impossible to track and deanonymize users.
Panther Pools utilize zk-SNARKs and ZKPs to prevent users from analyzing what's happening within them, having transactions obscured. By allowing users of multiple kinds of assets to enter the Pool, users of every compatible chain can participate in the same mechanisms for privacy, regardless of their native chain's liquidity and activity. While a Pool for rarely-used assets would struggle to find much security due to the relatively low volume of transactions, Panther MASPs can quickly build critical speed and provide much-needed privacy to the long tail of cryptocurrencies.
Panther Pools also have built-in mechanisms to align the incentives of every user, rewarding those that contribute to shielding by adding tokens to the pool. Pools are fully composable with DeFi, allowing users to deploy tokens to smart contracts seamlessly. MASPs also create a single-stop, private point of connection amongst multiple chains. Users of Pools can transact within them privately or withdraw their tokens into known or stealth addresses/wallets generated by Panther. Users have an option to, even retrospectively, disclose their DeFi history.