Realized Vision and Use Cases

Panther’s decentralized, disruptive approach to privacy and compliance offers a major leap forward for several different industries: While Panther primarily deals with financial transactions right now, the core underlying components of the system offer the ability to extend into many other fields where privacy, auditability, and tracking are the key to providing business value. Many use cases which would once require a private blockchain or were not feasible due to data exposure can now be executed efficiently through Panther’s smart contracts.
Some of the key use cases for Panther include:
  • DeFi and a fully private crypto economy.
  • Transaction monitoring/AML Compliance: The ability to selectively disclose a series of transactions to prove their validity and appropriateness to an authority.
  • Digital Identity: The ability to prove a series of characteristics about a user without having to share any underlying documents, names, or unnecessary personal information.
  • Tax Disclosure: The ability to proactively share a series of transactions with authorities and government officials for the purpose of determining or declaring taxable funds.
Other functionalities that could be developed by third parties taking advantage of Panther’s primitives are:
  • Insurance Claims: The ability to share with a third-party the occurrence of an event or transaction without dispute.
  • Credit Scoring: The ability to establish a reputation or a series of behaviors by selectively disclosing a series of payments or transactions in a given time.
  • Supply Chain Management: The ability to restrict outside parties from examining the movements of goods, services, and the interaction of connected devices on a network.