Claiming $PreZKP

Once you have registered a private identity as described in the previous section, you can claim $PreZKP via the following steps.

At any point during this process, it is safe to close the browser tab and return to the site later. It will automatically pick up from where you left off.

  1. Create or select a fresh account in your MetaMask wallet, which must be different from your KYC account used in the previous section, and is not linked to your personal identity in any way.

  2. Switch to this fresh account, and confirm that you are happy to use this as the account which will receive $PreZKP and be used for voting.

  3. Click the Generate Claim button.

  4. Wait for the zero knowledge proof to be generated. This may take a while, as it requires some heavy cryptographic computations which use CPU and memory intensively.

  5. Click the Submit Claim button.

  6. Wait a while for the claim to be verified, submitted to the smart contracts, and finally processed. You can click the button to recheck the status periodically.

  7. If all goes well, you should see a page confirming that you successfully claimed your $PreZKP token.

  8. Click the button to add the token to your MetaMask wallet.

  9. Check the $PreZKP balance in your wallet. It will typically show 1 token straight away, but sometimes MetaMask takes a while to notice, so please be patient. However you can also follow the provided link to to check the on-chain transaction which minted your $PreZKP token, so it is not necessary to wait for MetaMask.

If you confirmed that you now hold 1 $PreZKP, you are ready for the next section!

However, if you encounter any problems, please first check the FAQ. If your issue is not described there, please visit a community channel for support.

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