Register your wallet with Panther LaunchDAO

Please note, to successfully receive your $PreZKP, you will need to make sure you use the same Metamask wallet you provided for the KYC process.

There will be no fees associated with registering. You will not need any assets in your wallet to pay for gas, since the process will construct signatures off-chain and send them to a Panther relayer in order to preserve your privacy.

Follow the step by step guide below. At any point during this process, it is safe to close the browser tab and return to the site later. It will automatically pick up from where you left off.

  1. Head over to the LaunchDAO website: - the registration process has to happen on a desktop device (Windows, iOS or Linux) on a browser that is compatible with Metamask.

  2. In Metamask, select the same account you have used for KYC. Using the correct wallet address is critical: if the account provided is not KYCed or registered as a participant in our earlier public/private rounds, you will not be able to register to claim your $PreZKP and future rewards. If necessary, it will prompt you to switch your wallet to the Polygon (Matic) network, so it can interact with the LaunchDAO smart contracts. This will be entirely free (no gas costs, no MATIC required) since Panther relay servers send transactions on your behalf.

  3. Press the “Create Private Identity” button.

  4. Sign the message as directed by your Metamask wallet, in order to create a private identity which will be used later to claim $PreZKP on Polygon.

  5. Press “Sign Private Identity”, and sign a second message as directed by your Metamask wallet, in order to generate a signature proving that the anonymous identity you just created in the previous step comes from your KYCed account.

  6. Press “Submit Signed Identity” to submit this private identity and your signature of it to the Panther servers.

  7. Proceed to the next section to privately claim your $PreZKP, entitling you to vote on any future proposals regarding the launch of Panther’s DAO, token, and vesting smart contracts. Please note that claiming your $PreZKP will cost you nothing, the Panther relayer is covering all costs.

If you encounter any problems, please check the FAQ.

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