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General FAQs

What is the point of voting on the launch of the protocol?
Quoting from our introductory blog post:
"The Panther protocol will be deployed and launched privately and trustlessly by the LaunchDAO, or not, as the voters — the Panther protocol KYC’d Private and Public Sale participants — will decide. This act lifts any jurisdiction or actor-specific burden/liability for protocol launches off of the development team, which in turn safeguards and protects the protocol and its development."
What is the difference between $PreZKP and $ZKP?
$ZKP is Panther Protocol's main token, used for protocol governance, staking, protocol fees, privacy price discovery, and to generally incentivize all behaviour which leads to the long-term sustainability of the protocol. $ZKP is transferable, and has real economic value.
$PreZKP is a token used only for initial bootstrapping of the main protocol in a private, decentralized manner. It is non-transferable, and has no economic value.