First you must ensure that you have a wallet account containing $PreZKP. The previous pages explain how to achieve that.

Once you have $PreZKP, you can vote on any open proposals at which were created after you claimed your $PreZKP. You cannot vote on proposals which were created before you claimed, because takes a snapshot of voting power for each proposal at the time it is created.


The first proposal, which was already approved and is now closed, concerns the launch of Panther Protocol DAO, $ZKP token, and associated smart contracts; please see the section on proposal #1 for the full details.

The second proposal concerns delaying the TGE (Token Generation Event) by a few weeks, which was also already approved and closed, determined to postpone the TGE to a new date.

The third proposal is very similar to the first one, but with a new launch date, some additional details on the initial staking rewards proposals, and some updates to the private sale pools as a result of the additional compliance checks performed since the first proposal.

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