$PreZKP claiming FAQs

How do I claim $PreZKP?

Please see Claiming $PreZKP.

It says I successfully claimed $PreZKP; why don't I see it in my wallet?

If your MetaMask wallet shows 0 $PreZKP after claiming

This is most likely simply because MetaMask sometimes takes a while to update. In the mean time, you can check your wallet address on polygonscan.com: the LaunchDAO website should automatically provide you a direct link to the claim transaction to make this a single click away, but you can alternatively visit polygonscan.com and input your wallet address.

If your MetaMask wallet doesn't mention $PreZKP at all

Make sure you have your voting account selected, not your KYC account, and that you have added the $PreZKP token to MetaMask. The LaunchDAO website offers a button to do this for you automatically after claiming. You can also do it by visiting the $PreZKP token page on polygonscan.com, clicking the three dots on the right, then Add Token to Web3 Wallet:

You can also check your voting account on polygonscan.com, and then look in the "ERC-20 Token Txns" tab for the transfer of 1 $PreZKP. If it's not there, then your claim was not successful.

The webpage just turns blank after saying "Please wait; downloading 42MB..."

This may be caused by your browser running low on cache space. So please try clearing your browser cache first. If that doesn't work, please follow the steps below in the question entitled "The page goes blank, or I get an error which just says Unknown error".

I get an error which mentions ECDSA: invalid signature 'v' value

Most likely this is caused by using a hardware wallet, such as a Ledger. Unfortunately this is not currently supported by LaunchDAO; however we do hope to add support in the future.

I get an error WebAssembly.instantiate(): Out of memory: wasm memory

Most likely you are trying to claim your $PreZKP on a mobile device, e.g. via the MetaMask mobile browser. Unfortunately this is not currently supported by LaunchDAO, since generating zero knowledge proofs is a very memory intensive operation; however we do hope to add support in the future.

The page goes blank, or I get an error which just says Unknown error

Please take the following steps:

  • Ensure that the Console tab is selected.

  • Type -/preZKP/ into the Filter box, to filter out all the failed to load source map warnings.

  • Scroll to the bottom, to locate the more detailed errors.

  • Make sure the window is a decent size, so that it captures a good amount of detail from the errors.

  • Take a screenshot of the window.

  • Ensure that the screenshot does not show any values relating to identitySecrets, identityCommitment, leafId, votingAccountAddress, or other sensitive data which should be kept private. (If necessary, use an image editor to blur out any sensitive data.)

  • Contact an admin in one of the support channels, and share the screenshot with them.

I get an error "The index of the private identity pool containing your identity hasn't been updated since you registered, so you can't generate a claim just yet."

This is due to the way the identity pool is constructed. It is actually a special kind of incremental Merkle tree which has been built specially for Panther Protocol. It is updated in batches of three leaves at a time, so you may need to wait for one or two others to register before the tree will be updated to the point where it is ready for you to exercise a claim.

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