Proposal #2: TGE delay

Recommendation to delay the Token Generation Event

The Panther Protocol core team believes that while the launch described in LaunchDAO proposal #1 is entirely fit for purpose, due to unexpected circumstances explained in the corresponding blog post on, executing it on January 4th carries significant risks to the protocol, the token price, and to the value of individual contributions. We also strongly believe that these risks could be minimised by delaying the TGE to the end of January.

Weโ€™re doing everything in our power to meet the above challenges as soon as possible, and we have a long term commitment to the mission of sovereignty and freedom. We believe that it is much better to launch slightly later than planned and do it correctly, than launch early and do it wrong. Providing privacy and trust to DeFi requires not rushing steps and triple-checking key variables.

The final say on this delay remains in the hands of the community, and we would like to ask you to vote on the next steps, by first ensuring that you have a voting account holding $PreZKP, and then visiting proposal #2 on and voting.

If the majority of votes are in favour of proposal #2:

  • Signers of the DAO multi-sig wallet will act on behalf of the community to invoke the markProposalAsInvalid function on proposal #1, therefore it would not be executed;

  • A replacement proposal #3 will be submitted, very similar to proposal #1, but with TGE date at the end of January.

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