How does LaunchDAO work?

We have created a new non-transferable “$PreZKP” token on the Polygon blockchain, which is purely designed for voting on the launch. Everyone who passed KYC for the $ZKP Public Sale and all previous participants in private rounds can qualify to become voters.

Free to use

LaunchDAO is an entirely gasless experience for the user, since it uses a combination of:

  1. off-chain signatures constructed by your wallet, and

  2. relay servers which send transactions to Polygon on your behalf, covering the gas costs.


  • Users must have already been KYC’d either during Public Sale in TokenSoft or prior to that in other previous rounds with Panther. They will be required to enter the wallet address that was used for KYC.

  • Users must have MetaMask installed on a desktop device. (MetaMask Mobile is not supported yet.)

Process overview

Participation in LaunchDAO is a 3 step process:

1. Registration

The first step is to register your KYC'd wallet account at the LaunchDAO dApp, which can be found at This creates a private identity in the LaunchDAO smart contracts on Polygon.

2. Claiming $PreZKP

Next, use the same dApp to choose a separate voting wallet account, and generate a zero knowledge proof that you possess this private identity. You then submit this proof to the LaunchDAO smart contract, which verifies that it is valid, and in return sends 1 $PreZKP token to your chosen voting account. This token entitles you to voting rights in any future LaunchDAO votes.

3. Voting

Voting on the Panther Protocol launch proposal is performed off-chain on You will use the $PreZKP received from step 2 to be able to vote on the proposal.

Protocol details

In the future we will provide more technical details on how the LaunchDAO protocol works; in particular the smart contracts, zero knowledge proof circuits, and the backend servers which provide the centralised API for the KYC whitelisting, and gas-less relaying of transactions on-chain.

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